Red LED Neon Motorcycle Lighting Kit

Product Description
4 PIECE LED NEON LIGHT KIT Complete Kit Comes With The Following: 4 Separate LED Neon Lights With Wire Leads Use for all 12Volt Systems Two Styles of Mounting Hardware: Surface Mount for Anywhere, and Flush Mount for Plastic or Metal up to 1/8" Thick All Wire and Connectors for installation  Switch with Leads Complete Installation Instructions Less than an hour to install THESE ARE RADLITES LED's THE HIGHEST QUALITY LED'S IN THE WORLD WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY!! LED's will run over 100,000 Hours.. 11 years continuous! Very low Power Consumption 30ma each, 33 LED's per amp. You can leave them on all night and not drain your battery. Very small and easy to hide, and LED's do not generate heat. Brightest most efficient lighting, used everywhere!!
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